FORT WORTH Remember those $200 party plaza tickets for Super Bowl XLV announced a couple of weeks ago?

They're going for more than $340 now, with some being offered for nearly $700 and that won't get you in the door at Cowboys Stadium. For that price, you can stand in the east plaza, where big screens will be set up for fans to watch the game.

Michael Goeghan, a cheesehead on a Harley, pulled out of the Walmart parking lot across from Cowboys Stadium, and beeped at passing Steelers fans. He came down from Wisconsin even though he says he can't afford to get into the Super Bowl... and can't believe the price to stand outside it.

I wouldn't pay to go stand outside and watch the game, said the Packers fan, who plans to watch it at a relative's home.

When we checked on Sunday, the best deal if you want to get inside the stadium is priced at $2,380 for two tickets in the upper corner of the massive football palace.

Even so, those prices aren't keeping some fans away.

On eBay, one seller is asking $3,360 for four of the party plaza tickets that will keep you outside the venue (the price does include a parking pass, a Super Bowl scarf and a souvenir program, though).

That's outrageous! exclaimed another Packers fan sporting a big wedge of plastic cheese on her head.

Steelers fan Rico Mccants was blown away by his first up-close look at the stadium, but couldn't believe how much people are paying to watch from outside.

For four or five-hundred dollars, I could get my own big screen and a keg of beer and have a ball! he said.

Considering the jump in prices, though, Packers die-hard Jodi Mitcham figures she got a bargain when she paid $325 for a party plaza ticket.

I am feeling pretty good about it, she said. Going to be a good day!


But a lot of terrible towels are starting to show up with Steelers fans, along with gnomes.

You put those around on game day on your TV set or whatever to bring added luck, explained Pittsburgh backer Ken Barnard.

And then there's Darth Steeler, who came out to Sundance Square after dark Sunday. The dark side, he said. Evil. Just bad, you know?

But even Darth Steeler admits he doesn't have the power or the cash to get into Jerry Jones' spaceship on Super Bowl Sunday.

May the force be with him.


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