DALLAS It was an emotional day for a 61-year-old Dallas man who is expected to be released from prison after almost 25 years behind bars.

Larry Sims was convicted of rape in 1986. Evidence now shows he did not commit the crime.

During Thursday morning's brief hearing at the Crowley Courthouse, a judge heard the evidence against Sims. Shortly after, he was released on bail, based on favorable findings for DNA testing.

The judge also apologized to Sims on behalf of the state of Texas.

The release did come with an unexpected turn of events. The Texas Department of Corrections continued to hold Sims. Officials from that office said they must attach an electronic monitoring device to him before he is released.

Sims' lawyer Michelle Moore said she has never seen anything like this.

Sims was convicted back in 1986 of raping a female acquaintance. The woman testified she did not have sex with another man in a Dallas motel room on the night of the alleged crime. Evidence later proved the DNA was from the man and not Sims.

Thursday's decision does not exonerate Sims. It will allow him to seek a pardon or file a writ that would lead to his freedom.

Sims' aunt Dearline Sims was in the courtroom Thursday. She was very tearful when she told News 8 she never doubted her nephew's innocence.

Once free, Sims first wish is to visit his mother's grave site. She died while he was in prison.

Sims' lawyer Moore expects Sims will be freed by later today.


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