DALLAS Dallas firefighters rescued a homeless man trapped in the back of a garbage truck early Monday morning.

Emergency crews were called to the corner of St. Paul and Cadiz streets one block east of City Hall just before 5 a.m.

The man, whose identity was not released, had been sleeping in a trash container when the garbage truck tossed him and the trash into the back of the truck.

He was injured when the truck's compacting mechanism began crushing him.

The driver of the truck heard the man's screams and immediately tried to get him out, but quickly called for help form the experts.

Dallas Fire-Rescue Chief Roy Ferguson said it was a difficult rescue operation. The way he was hung inside the trash, we couldn't get him out; we had to dig him out, he said. Because he was injured so badly, we had to raise him up with a Stokes basket and get him up to where we could get him out and get him on the ambulance.

Firefighters said the man suffered a broken hip and possibly other injuries.


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