He's an MVP baseball player.

A dad.

And a husband.

But more than anything, Josh Hamilton is a man of faith.

His life crumbled because of a drug and alcohol addiction, but he has turned it all around using his position of power as a Texas Rangers star player to help others avoid the same demise.

For that reason, he is my choice for Texan of the Year.

For four years, Hamilton's addictions destroyed his world.

He served a year-long suspension ordered by Major League Baseball for multiple failed drug tests.

Hamilton says God gave him baseball back not for the game, but for the platform to teach others about addiction.

He fought for a second choice with family and faith.

Ask Hamilton why he travels around North Texas sharing his story, and reliving the pain and he says it's not out of obligation it is a privilege.

And this year, when he was named Most Valuable Player after the Rangers' big win against the Yankees, he thanked God first and he meant it.

And that's why my choice for Texan of the Year is Josh Hamilton.


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