ARLINGTON When demand exceeds supply, economists call it a shortage. But homeowners in North Texas call it a payday.

In less than 46 days, some Super Bowl fans who live near Cowboys Stadium are hoping to profit from the big game.

With 30,000 hotel rooms in Dallas and more than 73,000 throughout North Texas, availability is rarely a problem.

But then again, we've never had a Super Bowl.

There will be a big crush of people making their hotel plans once the teams are named, said Tony Fay, spokesman for the Super Bowl XLV host committee. He recently met with a group of luxury Realtors after learning that hotels up to 50 miles from Cowboys Stadium were already fully booked.

We kind of depend on what we're hearing from the community, Fay said. What we've heard from real estate brokers that a lot of real estate homes are getting leased.

North Texas is prepared for the surge. Popular online Web sites are advertising rentals, including a small home in Arlington for $1,000 a day.

Looking for something a bit more upscale? How about a $25,000 week-long rental for a luxury home a price that includes use of the family's Bentley sedan.

Fay said there has been demand for mostly vacation-type homes, whose owners are hoping to cash in.


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