DALLAS - Police and fire rescue investigated a bomb threat in downtown Dallas Saturday morning.

The incident took placearound 7 a.m. at Fountain Place on Ross Avenue, the same building Hosam Smadi tried to bring down in an undercover sting last September.

A security guard notified police after finding a threatening note.

While he was making his patrol, he noticed a note sitting on a scooter saying that if you don't unplug your computers, there's a bomb attached to the scooter and it will blow up, said Sgt. Warren Mitchell from Dallas Police.

Being that[Fountain Place]has already had media attention... we took every precaution necessary, said Mitchell.

The threat forced officers to call in special investigative teams, including the bomb sqaud.

But the threat turned out to be a hoax.

We did find out that the scooter did belong to an employee who worked at the restaurant and that one of the managers had left a note to remind employees to turn off their computers, Mitchell said.

News 8 has learned the manager works at Avanti restaurant. Investigators believe there was no criminal intent but they filed a false alarm report. The employee was taken to police headquarters for questioning by intelligence officers.

We will meet with the district attorney's office to see whether we file charges, said Mitchell.

In a post 9/11 world, to make anything similar to a bomb threat -- it's not a good thing. It's a terrible, terrible joke, he added.

Streets were closed off near the building, which was evacuated.

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