ARLINGTON After News 8 reports showed some stunting and speeding sport bike riders are a threat to public safety and cause fatal accidents, elected officials are ready to act.

This is a region-wide problem, not restricted just to toll roads, said Regional Transportation Council Chair Ron Natinsky. It's on 75, it's on 20, it's on 30 it's on local roads.

At Thursday's Regional Transportation Council meeting in Arlington, officials from nearly 50 North Texas communities were briefed on ways to seek a solution. They learned there are existing funds to tackle the issue.

Ideas include more funds for region-wide enforcement.

We have cameras that manage traffic, said Regional Director of Transportation Michael Morris. Can we potentially have a pilot study to have our cameras to help with regard to this topic?

Officials say that the number one complaint from motorists is overly aggressive drivers, including some bikers. The Regional Transportation Council plans to tackle the problem.

To come up with a region-wide plan will certainly benefit everyone sitting around this table, Natinsky said.


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