STEPHENVILLE - For months, we've been following the case of Brandi Todd, the young mother stabbed by a stranger in a park.

The attack left her paralyzed, and now testimony is under way in the trial of the man accused of the crime.

Todd, who is now a 29-year-old mom, wrapped up her testimony Tuesday morning, which lasted about 45 minutes.

She arrived at the courtroom pushing herself. She has needed a wheelchair, since her attack seven months ago, after being paralyzed from the waist down.

While on the stand, she gave a very vivid description of that day, back on March 14th, when she was attacked.

She described it as starting out as almost the perfect sunny day.

She was looking forward to spending it with her seven-year-old and nine-year-old children at the park.

She said the next thing she remembers is sitting ona bench and feeling someone come up behind her.

She said she felt as if someone had taken a baseball bat and slammed it into the middle of her spine.

She said it was so painful, at first she said she felt she had been shot.

When she went to scream for help, she had no voice.

She said it was only a little while after that, when people came to her side, that she was told that she had not been shot but stabbed.

She also said she had no feeling in her legs, and gave a very strong description of how she had to cling to the bench, as her legs started sliding off, as she had no feeling there.

She went on to describe the last seven months of her life and how difficult they have been.

She has learned she has a prognosis of a one percent chance of ever walking again.

She told the jury she is still hoping she will be able to walk again, and resume running, horseback riding and the other things she used to do, especially playing in the park with her children.

She was finally able to point to her attacker, who was sitting a few feet away from her.

The man is 42-year-old Michael Allen, who has admitted to having mental health issues.

He stands accused of aggravated assault, with a deadly weapon.

This is day two for the prosecutors.


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