I'm usually the guy who complains about paying too much tax. The idea of some in government, to quote Abrahan Lincoln's thoughts about tyranny is you work and toil and earn bread, and I'll eat it.

But, this week, there was something a little different. Again and again city managers and politicians have said the time has come to consider reductions in our public safety. They say we just don't have the money to keep the services or manpower we've had in the past without more money or without some kind of furlough plan.

You can't blame city managers. They have to work with what the politicians give them, and most of the politicians just don't have the nerve to ask you for a dedicated tax hike of some kind to hold on to what we already have.

California's been doing this for years. What started as an effort to cut waste or fat has cut into the state's muscle, and now the sunshine state is having problems keeping the lights on.

I don't want to follow California's lead on this. There are some government services that we just cannot do without. You have a right to decide what those are, but it seems to me, public safety ought to be one of them.

We need police and fire, and need the best no matter who they are. Why? They're is no better way to send a message to unrepentant criminals than to ensure our officers and firefighters have what they need to properly do their job. You get what you pay for. Pay the best and we can demand the best.

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