DALLAS Despite the drug-related violence in Mexico, the makeup groups MAC and Rodarte teamed up for a new line of products based on the border city of Juarez.

In the campaign, makeup products labeled Ghost Town, Juarez, Badlands and Factory were teamed up with models that many say look like they're dead.

Hispanic activist Carlos Quintanilla calls it appalling, pointing out many women have been killed on their way to and from their factory jobs.

It's regretful that they would take the pain and suffering of a community and make a profit off of it, he said.

Many bloggers agree.

I am appalled at the insensitivity and sheer ignorance that these designers have displayed, one said.

Maybe MAC should release a line of holocaust-inspired makeup, another suggested.

I believe they had good intentions, but it came out horribly wrong, said a third.

MAC says offending consumers was never our intent, and we are very sorry.

Rodarte says the MAC collaboration was intended as a celebration of the beauty of the landscape and people in the areas we have traveled.

But Quintanilla says there is more to Mexico than violence. Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, the beaches, the pyramids, or the fisherman, or the women who work in agriculture, the museums, the hard-working people, he said.

Because of the backlash, MAC will now donate part of the collection's proceeds to a charity in Juarez. But Quintanilla says the line should be discontinued.

I think they can do better things than try to fix something they botched up, he said.

The product launches September 15,and will still be carried in stores. MAC is trying to figure out how it wants to get involved with a charitable organization in Juarez.

MAC also said it would be changing the names of the products in the line.


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