A fiery crash lefttwo people dead andtwo others injured. Authorities are looking into the possibility that a gang of motorcyclists who were driving too fast on the freeway caused the accident.

Voncilla Franklin couldn't hold back her tears and her anger when she spoke to News 8.

Her brother, Jonnatha Hamilton, was one of the ones who died on Interstate 45. They need to be stopped. They need to stop because innocent people are losing their lives behind this, she said.

She says her brother was driving a friend home when the accident happened. She says he would be alive today, if the cyclists hadn t been driving recklessly. It's like they don't care about what they are doing.

Witnesses saw the gang of motorcyclists. One of the cyclists blew a tire and crashed. His buddies thought he had been hit by a semi-truck. So, they drove back down the interstate the wrong way to help their friend. Noemi Marquez was in the 18-wheeler.

There was a lot motorcycles passing by real fast and they were making the bed shake. So I got up and when I got up I just saw smoke everywhere, she said.

Marquez says the motorcyclists wouldn't let the 18-wheeler off the interstate. She says they boxed them in. Hamilton andtwo other men slammed into the back of the semi. I heard the tires from a car break and that's when I felt the impact and that's when I saw the car, Marquez said.

Hamilton and his friend, Derrick Finch, were killed. Hamilton s cousin was taken to the hospital with a broken neck and back.

The motorcyclists took off, leaving their friend behind. Now the victims' families are left to deal with their pain.

Now the people who lost their family have to deal with this.. we have to deal with this, said Franklin.

The Dallas County sheriff s department has the name of the motorcyclist who crashed because he s in the hospital. They plan to send this case to a grand jury for possible criminal charges. Meanwhile, investigators are looking for the other 14 motorcyclists who fled the scene.


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