DALLAS Residents in the Lake Highlands section of Dallas are fighting a proposal that would establish living quarters for both the homeless and parolees.

The Woodside Lane Condos in the 9300 block of Forest Lane is one of five area properties that may soon provide a new home for people who have no place to live or are just coming out of prison.

Dallas City Council member Jerry Allen sponsored a Monday night meeting with officials from Lake Highlands homeowners' associations.

At first, they listened to several representatives of the agencies who want to find homes for 160 people who are homeless or formerly incarcerated.

We're not any happier with the crime levels than you are in the area. The goal is to try and fix that, said K.C. Griffin of Integrity Asset Management. The people that we have in our programs don't... don't resort to crime, because they have the assistance that they need.

The Woodside apartments would house 20 people that just got out of prison. Anxious HOA presidents were told none of them are violent criminals or sex offenders. But that information did not ease their concerns.

Our experience with that property in the last four years is not one that would encourage me to put people who are trying to reestablish themselves as law-abiding citizens in that project, because it's already bad, said Lake Highlands homeowner Jim Thompson.

The agencies behind the project are touting the success of their programs, and they vowed to work with area homeowners so there are no surprises.


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