I have one word after watching Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in their new action film, Knight and Day BORING.

Cruise plays a world-class spy with confidence and charm; Diaz is a Chatty Cathy caught up in espionage. Before you can say James Bond, they are running for their lives on the streets of the world.

Knight and Day only succeeds on the chemistry and presence of Cruise and Diaz. Put anyone else on screen for two hours in this talky, has-been of a story and you would quickly find the nearest exit.

The locations are exotic and well-photographed, but just when you think this summer flick might get smart, the 5th-grade level script disappoints and falls flat.

Knight and Day is rated PG-13, and is a directed by James Mangold, who should know better. He directed the much better Walk The Line and 3:10 To Yuma.

His latest effort also features an uncomfortably high body count, meaning people die right and left all for the sake of romance.

It's an odd, off-putting combination.


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