DALLAS The Cliff Manor tower on Fort Worth Avenue in Oak Cliff is at the center of a controversial plan to turn the city-owned Dallas Housing Authority building into a home for the homeless, the first of its kind.

I don't think it's fair to be the guinea pig for this, said Diane Teddlie, who lives in the neighborhood.

She and families from Stevens Park Village are fighting the project. They voiced their frustrations at a neighborhood meeting Thursday. Residents contend it will attract more crime and impact property values.

We've worked very hard to keep this neighborhood safe, Teddlie said.

According to the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, all tenants for the Cliff Manor program will be screened and referred to the complex. Eighteen people have already been approved to move in this July.

The Alliance and the Housing Authority have worked on the project for about a year. They claim the selected residents are hard-working and determined to stay on the right track.

These are people who will be very grateful for permanent housing; will have a track record in participating in the services they need, said Mike Faenza of the Homeless Alliance.

But City Council member Dave Neumann said he wants to stop the program. He told neighborhood residents he met with Mayor Tom Leppert about the issue.

I've asked to put it on hold, Neumann said. I've been told, 'We will put it on pause,' and I said that's not acceptable.

A town hall meeting on the homeless relocation plan is set for later this month.


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