DALLAS - Gerren Isgrigg's short tragic life is over. He's the little boy left in the bushes by a grandmother hoping, she says, someone would find him.

I didn't know him. I read what you read, heard what you heard: that he had special needs and that his grandmother was very likely overwhelmed trying to meet those needs.

She now sits in jail charged with the six-year-old's death.

It is a nightmare scenario into which Gerren was born. An absent father, a mother who didn't seem to care granted sole custody and a grandmother overwhelmed.

As for the uncle, this was his response: I mean, the kid was a complete vegetable the whole time before this and everything. It's nothing like it's being portrayed.

It makes no sense to try the case in the media. Instead, we should concentrate on the families for whom every life does matter, for whom being born into the fold - no matter what your difficulties - means not walking away, but standing strong.

On The Dallas Morning News website, there is a difficult but fascinating story called Choosing Thomas. While sad, it is ultimately a love story about the family of a child born with a disease they know will take his life. It's a family with few options that refuses to walk away.

Their situation was not the same as Gerren's. Then again, neither was their response.

In some ways, you know, Thomas is fortunate because he won't experience first broken heart, his mother said in the report. His dad will never spank him. He'll never get grounded.

It will hurt, but it will give you hope that despite life's shortcomings, there are still some men and women who can teach each of us what love really is.

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