FORTWORTH Investigators say they believe the three suspects arrested in the fatal robbery at a Fort Worth convenience store plotted out the crime just feet away from the scene. A fourth man is being sought in connection with the crime.

Randy Seibel was among the three arrested for the Tuesday crime. WFAA talked with him just one day after the incident. Seibel worked at a car lot next door to the targeted convenience store.

On Seibel's MySpace page, he wrote he was sad about his friend Daniel being shot and killed. However, police said 20-year-old Daniel Rojas-Torres was actually a victim of Seibel.

That surprised me, made me shake and made me scared, said Juan Najera, who worked with Seibel, Kwame Rockwell and Chance Smith, who were all arrested in connection with the fatal robbery. Like, I couldn't believe they killed Daniel.

Rojas-Torres was fatally shot during the crime and a Mrs. Baird's delivery man was shot outside of the store. He survived, but was in critical condition.

Police arrested Rockwell in San Antonio after he locked himself in a restaurant. Court documents point to him as the ringleader who plotted the robbery while the three worked inside the auto shop.

The owner of the car lot, who wished to be identified only as Don, said Rockwell told him he needed cash because he wasn't paying his bills on time. He also said the shop's books weren't adding up, which he believed was due to Rockwell.

I had started taking control from Kwame of the lot because I thought he was skimming money off the place, Don said. I was starting to find out.

The masked gunmen shot two people and got away with just $3,200 in cash and $18,000 in checks.

Police said Rockwell pulled the trigger and killed Rojas-Torres. Seibel was the alleged muscle man who forced the clerk into a back room. They said Smith was the lookout at the front door.

Their former co-workers have seen surveillance video of the crime and said they have little doubt police caught the right guys.

I am positive I know that was Kwame, Don said.

Fort Worth police said there is a fourth suspect who worked as another lookout while parked across the street from the store. They are working to track him down.

The wife of the delivery driver shot during the crime said he has not shown any improvement since the shooting.


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