Former television sportscaster Pat Summerall says it is his personal opinion that Tiger Woods has been self-centered and hasn t respected the game of golf. Summerall s comments came in a one-on-one interview following Tiger s announcement of his return to play at this year s Masters Tournament, April 8-11.

He says that in his view fans themselves are most upset about Tiger s lack of respect for the history of the game. His lack of respect for people like Palmer, who has done so much for the game, it s been sort of self-centered. That s something that the media doesn t accept very readily and that s something that the fans don t accept very readily. That s what he has to overcome.

Despite his opinions, and that of golf fans, Summerall says all you have to do is look at the television ratings to see that the PGA Tour and golf in general need him back. They are in need of(golf's) number1 player in the world.

Summerall says what better place for Tiger s return than at this year s Masters Tournament. He says, It will be an atmosphere that respects Tiger s wishes and it will be an atmosphere that respects his contributions to the game.

Summerall concludes, The fans at Augusta will respect Tiger for who he is, for what he s done, for what he s accomplished and for what he contributes to golf, they ll respect that. The gallery is so courteous, so aware of the history of the game and the history of the Masters that they will respect his privacy. That s what he wants and that s what he will get.
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