"This Is It" is a knock-out of a film and a wonderful cinematic surprise documenting the final days of rehearsal for Michael Jackson's elaborate comeback tour. It was a tour that never happened due to the death of the "King of Pop." A tour complete with enormous set pieces, fireworks on stage, a first-rate band and world-class dancers. Directed by Jackson's choreographer and collaborator, Kenny Ortega, this remarkable film is a music-lovers back stage pass to what really goes on during rehearsals. And, there in the center of it all, a surprisingly lucid, hard-working Jackson paying attention to every step and every note. "This Is It" is not a sad film or a glossy valentine to the recently deceased pop star; but rather an intriguing, detailed, get-up-and-dance documentary that celebrates the creative process. I'm not sure what I expected; but what I experienced was often thrilling to watch and a movie that jumps off the screen. ?

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