Just when you thought winter would give North Texans a well-deserved break, the weather s likely to start acting up again.

Over the next couple of days, the Dallas-Fort Worth area could be hit with rain, thunder, lighting, small hail, gusting winds and even more measurable snow.

Greg Fields, meteorologist at WFAA-TV,said snow could hit the area Tuesday morning and continue all day, possibly falling more heavily in counties to the south.

It depends on how fast the system is moving, Fields said Saturday. But before the flakes start to fly, a thunderstorm possibly packing small hail is expected to serve as a wake-up call Sunday for many North Texans. Highs for the day should reach the upper 40s, instead of the balmy 60s of recent days.

After the rain clears out about mid-day Sunday, a second cold front is expected to hit late in the afternoon, with winds gusting to 30 mph and temperatures dropping into the mid- to low-30s, Fields said. All of that could just be a prelude to Tuesday s weather.

Weather forecasters don t like to be pinned down on how much snow to expect. Most had predicted the area would get only 2 to 4 inches Feb. 11. Instead, North Texas got walloped by a record 12.5-inch snowfall that came down over a 24-hour period Feb. 11-12.

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