SOUTHLAKE ― Dumas Simeus is an American business success story. He owns Simeus Foods in Mansfield which supplies many restaurants. Despite much success in America, he still loves his Haitian birthplace.

He searched for votes in Haiti's 2005 presidential election. Now he searches for signs of life.

For all his success, he's as helpless as anyone trying to reach loved ones in Haiti, but he did get some unexpected and astonishing good news.

We'll try another, Simeus said as he dialed the phone. That's what I do for an hour, two hours, three hours in a row.

He gets up in the middle of the night to dial the phone and keeps dialing from his home in Southlake.

That's how I got lucky and found my mom, and that is the only call we've been able to get through, he said.

Simeus said his 91-year-old mother spends almost all her time in Port-au-Prince. But when the quake hit, she was away visiting relatives in the village of Pont Sonde, about 40 miles north. Simeus didn't know that until he reached his cousin there.

He said, Everybody is fine. Let me turn the phone over to your mom, and then we got disconnected. But it was very good news, Simeus said.

His cousin told him the village was untouched, along with the medical clinic Simeus supports there.

Despite making countless calls, not a single one goes through to Port-au-Prince. It s heart breaking for Simeus not knowing the fate of his family members.

Simeus is begging Americans to help Haiti victims.

He urges you to pick a charity you trust and know is working on the ground in Haiti. Even if you can only spare $5 or $10, it will add up.


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