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MCKINNEY - Michael Brewer anxiously taps his fingers on a wooden desk as he looks for a flight back to Port-au-Prince.

This is the first time I've been back to the states from Haiti in ten years now, he said.

Brewer now wishes he never left.

He runs Haitian Street Kids, Inc., an orphanage of 75 kids. He can't account for any of them now.

I can't get any word on whether the kids are hurt or injured or killed because of the area we're in, Brewer said.

The orphanage is in the slums of Port-au-Prince. Their two buildings are poorly built, Brewer said, like much of the construction around them.

Still, for more than a decade, he has collected kids from the capital's impoverished streets, offering them a home and hope.

They're good kids, he said. They just want a chance.

But Brewer has lost half his financial support because of the recession. He returned to North Texas in hopes of raising $10,000.

The earthquake has changed his plans.

A tragic situation got more tragic, Brewer conceded. It went from awful to terrible.

His kids still need the support. Shelter and food there are never taken for granted.

But Brewer is desperate to get back to look for the kids.

He's worried, though, what he'll return to find.


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