ROANOKE - A 17-year-old girl and her 14-year-old brother have been charged in the stabbing death of their mother at a Roanoke home.

Jennifer Bailey, her brother and Paul Henton Jr., 16, were arrested in South Dakota and charged with capital murder in the death of Susan Bailey, 43.

Police said Bailey was dead for several days before she was found in an upstairs bedroom hallway. The medical examiner said she had multiple stab wounds to her neck and there were signs of blunt force trauma to her head.

An arrest affidavit reported a bat was found on the daughter's bed at the home.

"I just can't imagine they would do this," said Michelle Davidson, a family neighbor. "Whatever they did to her, it was horrible."

On Friday, an out-of-state relative called Roanoke police to do a welfare check at the Bailey home. A knock was unanswered and they left. On Sunday, they received another call about Bailey.

"We received a phone call from Yankton Police Department out of South Dakota," said Sgt. Chris Almonrode, Roanoke Police Department."

At about 3:30 a.m. Sunday, Yankton police stopped Mrs. Bailey's car, which was occupied by Jennifer Bailey, her brother Paul and Henton-Junior. The teens were originally arrested on curfew violations. Police later discovered Paul Henton Jr. had been reported missing in Denton County.

Roanoke officers went back to Bailey's home, entered through an open window and found her in the hallway.

Davidson, who has known Jennifer for six years, said the teen is a recent graduate of Northwest High School, but had gotten into some trouble lately.

"Up until this boyfriend came along, she never had any problems," she said. "She was really a quiet girl, and then what happened? She started running away with him."

In her last conversation with Jennifer's mom, Davidson said she was told that Jennifer had run away with her boyfriend recently, but came home. Davidson said she also said Jennifer had run away two or three times before that.

According to court documents, Roanoke police came out to the Bailey home last week, just a few days before officers found Susan Bailey's body. Police were looking for Henton Jr., who was reported missing as a runaway.

North Texas investigators arrived in South Dakota Monday to interview the teens. At this point, it's now clear how long it will take to extradite them back to Texas.


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