IRVING, TX - How much playing time quarterback Tony Romo will see in the third preseason game in Miami and how much time he may actually need are two things the Cowboys are looking at very carefully.

'We don't really count snaps necessarily,' Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said. 'I thought he got really good work last week.'

'I don't think there is an exact number,' Romo said. 'We'll talk about it and come with a plan for how we're going to do it.'

During his first preseason game last week, Romo actually took 16 snaps, two were offensive holding calls, and he threw just five passes. Despite the light workload, Romo missed another practice on Wednesday.

'We're trying to get Tony ready just like we're trying to get everybody on our team ready,' Garrett said. 'We don't really use the word cautious as much as we try to use the reps that we think are necessary to go to play against San Francisco in week one.'

'I don't know that you would go to play in the preseason if you didn't think you could play in a football game, I mean it's football,' Romo said.

This will be Romo's last true game action before the season opener. No matter how much he plays on Saturday night, Romo says he's confident that he'll be ready for the season opener especially when you compare last year's training camp to this year.

'Oh I feel like I've gotten a lot even though there is talk about me,' Romo said. 'I've gotten a lot of reps, a lot of time. It feels like I've gotten a ton of time compared to last year.

Romo had his first back surgery in April of 2013 and missed the entire off season.

'Last year, sitting out the entire off season, that part of it, I feel like I've thrown and been a part of a lot more even though it may not seem like it to you guys,' Romo told media members Thursday.

So while most teams use the third preseason game as a dress rehearsal or final tune up, Cowboys fans can expect to see about the same number of plays from Romo in this game as they saw last week.


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