FRISCO A Frisco police officer resigned after Texas Rangers uncovered explicit photos exchanged between the officer and the victim of a criminal case he was investigating.

It's now believed Officer Scott Greer became involved in inappropriate relationships with four people who were victims or witnesses. While Greer resigned, his conduct might jeopardize the outcome of the criminal cases.

Greer is not accused of criminal wrongdoing, but of unethical behavior. He has resigned and the Frisco Police Department sent a letter to the state of Texas saying he was 'dishonorably discharged.'

'I can tell you there was a lot of disappointment from the bottom all the way to the top when we found out about the allegations,' said Frisco Police Lt. Jason Jenkins.

The Texas Rangers discovered one relationship while they were helping Melissa Police investigate a murder. Nicole Leger was killed in September of 2013 in her Melissa home. Before her death, Leger reported a sexual assaulted in Frisco. Greer was on that case. The Rangers found explicit photos Greer and Leger had shared.

Greer was put on leave in May, then resigned a few days later. His colleagues then audited each of his cases. It's believed he had inappropriate relationships with four witnesses or victims.

'What we found was all his work on the cases was up to par and met all the standards of crimninal investigation,' Jenkins said. 'It was his personal conduct that was unprofessional, unethical, and completely unacceptable.'

Greer was with Frisco from November 2007 until May 2014. He was a detective from July 2011 until July 2013.

His conduct means his testimony can't be trusted and prosecutors will likely not use him when his cases go to trial. The impact on those cases is unclear. However, Thursday, a capital murder case he was involved in did result in a conviction, meaning his lack of testimony didn't impact the outcome.

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