DALLAS 'Large Marge' is really rolling now.

The iconic Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge spanning the Trinity River continues to open economic development in West Dallas, energizing that once-stagnant neighborhood.

On Wednesday, the Dallas City Council approved a $4.6 million subsidy for the latest addition to the neighborhood, a 320-unit apartment complex called Cliff View.

Bill Bush with Henry S. Miller Company is the developer of the $45 million project which will rise from a wooded lot, built into the side of a hill overlooking downtown Dallas.

'If there was no [Hunt Hill] bridge, none of this would be happening right now,' Bush said.

Council member Scott Griggs, who voted for the subsidy, lives about 600 feet from the future site of Cliff View.

'What you're seeing is a lot of little pieces adding up,' Griggs said.

One of those pieces is Cox Farms Market. It just opened as a critical piece of the larger Sylvan | Thirty development, which is nearing completion.

'You have to have a grocery store,' Bush said.

'It's the package of activity that's going on here that's bringing more activity,' said Jamie Cornelius, chairman of the West Dallas Chamber of Commerce. 'It begins to feed on itself.'

As more and more developments like Cliff View come to West Dallas, developers face reduced risk that they're building something no one wants to buy or rent.

It's a problem that the signature Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge helped plow right over.


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