FORT WORTH A lawsuit filed in Tarrant County on Monday alleges that Fisher More College, a well-known Catholic institution on the south side of Fort Worth, is more than $100,000 behind in rent, taxes and other payments.

The suit was filed by Modern Village Management. It also seeks $300,000 in damages.

School president Michael King said late Monday that the suit 'was unexpected. There is a disagreement about the current status of the lease.'

He said they were unaware of the suit until notified by News 8 earlier in the day

A few months ago, students helped raise nearly $300,000 in donations when the school faced an operating shortfall.

A viral video where students asked for prayers and showcased the college's unique approach to religious education helped bring in much of the money.

'We had a brand new building, got to pay that financially,' said Trent Reagan, a freshman who appeared in the video.

He said students were unaware the school was behind in its payments, according to the suit.

This isn't the first time Fisher More has come under scrutiny recently.

A few weeks ago, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth fired off a letter to the school demanding it stop practicing the Latin version of Mass.

The letter was penned by Bishop Michael Olson. It essentially states the school doesn't have the authority to offer a form of Mass other than 'Mass in the Ordinary Form,' which is what most Catholics now practice.

The school is fighting the order.

King said he might be able to comment further on the suit later this week.

An attorney for the property owner declined to comment further.


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