DALLAS -- Inspired by faith and saved by prayer; it's the unique success story of a Dallas clothing designer.

These days, Percy Ray Bryant, III, is known by his brand name, Pray By Percy Ray.

It's a simple design - usually on a simple T-shirt - that has earned Bryant, a graphic designer, more than $500,000 in three years.

Bryant said the popularity of Pray by Percy Ray was not an answer to a prayer for success. It was the result of a successful prayer.

'It was an inspiration that came from God,' he said. 'I didn't have anything to do with it.'

Bryant does all the work for Pray by Percy Ray inside a small room at his Cedar Hill home.

It was in the same room that while in the grips of alcohol addiction and sidelined by a crippling back injury that he hit rock bottom. Bryant said he was lying on the floor in pain.

'I prayed, and prayed, and prayed,' Bryant said, 'and I said, 'Lord, if you can finally get this alcoholism out of my system, I will do more work for you.''

Right after that, the idea for a design using the word 'pray' came to him. He immediately posted it on Facebook.

'And my Facebook just went berserk. I mean, absolutely berserk,' he said.

From there, he went to rehab, stopped drinking, and started designing. He put his pray logo on clothing and accessories.

Through word of mouth, social media, and the power of his testimony - that his prayers led him to sobriety - friends, strangers, and church groups began requesting the Pray by Percy Ray designs.

'This is basically fashion through ministry,' Bryant said. 'I think it's just the fact that it's a cool design and a simple reminder. It's not scripture-oriented. It's real straight to the point. Either you get it or you don't.'

Once the orders became too big, he outsourced most of the work to a clothing manufacturer. He now ships globally and has donated a lot of his profits to charity, including one for breast cancer research.

Working on four years sobriety, his work now goes beyond making good on promise and just might be the response to someone else's prayer.

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