PLANO -- Anson Chi has spent twenty months in prison. He is accused of attempting to set off a bomb at a gas regulator station on Parker Road in Plano.

His plea has changed three times: It was not guilty in 2012, then guilty, and again that plea was withdrawn on Wednesday at federal court.

On Thursday, he spoke from the Collin County Detention Facility.

'They cut a deal with the prosecutor... That's why they made me sign the plea,' Chi said. 'They forced me to sign the plea.'

On Wednesday, Chi fired his attorneys calling them 'incompetent.' He said he would go it alone and represent himself.

When News 8's Jobin Panicker asked why he would represent himself, Chi responded by saying 'I'm bada--!'

Chi said when his trial starts, he will argue he was tortured into a confession and given mental exams instead of the medical exams he was asking for.

'They claim I suffer from some kind of mental illness? I've never, never, never, never ever been diagnosed with a mental illness in my life,' Chi said. 'Never.'

Chi showed News 8 the scars on his arms. Detectives say they are likely from the explosive device that went off in his hands. But he is adamant that is not where they came from.

'I will not talk about that! I will only talk about the torture and forced confession,' Chi said.

He faces was indicted on by a federal grand jury on three charges. Together, they carry a penalty of more than 60 years in prison.

Anson Chi will not talk about what happened on June 18, 2012. But is very open about his anti-government rhetoric, and will use that for his case.

'I understand nobody believes me. Everybody thinks I'm a terrorist, I understand that,' he said. 'Just let me prove it.'

His next day in court is scheduled for April.


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