AUSTIN -- Both State Sen. Wendy Davis and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed their formal paperworkto be the 48th governor of Texas on Saturday.

Davis, a Democrat, filed her paperwork at UShip, an Internet shipping company in downtown Austin on Saturday.

Dozens of people listened to the gubernatorial candidate as she promised to focus her campaign on job creation.

'Texas made it possible for me to go from that tiny trailer, to a successful business, to the Texas State Senate, and Iwant every Texan to have the same opportunities,'Davis said.

Davis also said she intends to create more jobs by promoting medical and research science, oil and gas production, technology and education.

Abbott filed his paperwork at the Texas Republican Party headquarters outside the Texas Capitol.

Volunteers and supporters listened as Abbott promised to fight government expansion.

'Repeatedly, people told me they want me to continue fighting back against the Obama administration,'Abbott said.

Dozens of protestors chanted and held up signs outside the headquarters where Abbott filed his candidacy, holding up signs criticizing Abbott for supporting Texas' controversial abortion legislation.

According to the latest poll by the University ofTexas and the Texas Tribune, Abbott has a single-digit lead over Davis.

Abbott is the most lushly financed candidate in the Republican field for governor that also includes former Texas party leader Tom Pauken.

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