DALLAS A Dallas woman has been arrested in the death of a 3-year-old girl who drowned in an apartment complex pool on June 22.

According to an arrest affidavit,Kariasa Thomas, 36, was charged with reckless injury to a child after her best friend s toddler drowned while in Thomas care.

Police say Thomas took her friend s four children, along with her own daughter and legally blind husband, to an apartment complex pool in the 8600 block of Old Hickory Trail to swim after dark on June 22.

Thomas told police she let her friend s child, 3-year-oldKanyce Giddings, stand on the steps leading into the pool because the girl did not know how to swim. Giddings was not wearing any type of safety gear.

Thomas said she then spent about 15 minutes usingFacebook on her cell phone and played with her dog on the side of the pool, never looking up to check on the swimming children.

When an off-duty Dallas police officer who lives and works at the complex as a security guard came by to tell the families the pool was closed, Thomas called for all the children. That s when she noticed Giddings was missing.

She asked the officer to borrow his flashlight and quickly discovered the girl s body after stepping into the pool: The affidavit says Thomas kicked her lifeless body.

Thomas immediately handed the girl s body to the officer, who attempted to perform CPR while a passerby called 911. The girl died atMethodist Charlton Medical Center that night.

On August 3, Thomas was arrested and is currently in custody at the Dallas County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

Det. Corey Foreman of the Dallas Police Department said the District Attorney s Office decided to charge Thomas with reckless injury to a child as a 2nd degree felony. He said the charge could be escalated to something more severe in the future.


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