DALLAS Thousands of people across the country rallied Saturday for what they call "National Justice for Trayvon Day."

Demonstrators in more than 100 cities marched to ask the Justice Department to bring a federal civil rights case against George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin last year.

A jury found Zimmerman was not guilty one week ago.

"I wasn t really surprised, but I wanted it to be different," said Diane Allen, joining a crowd of demonstrators at City Hall Plaza in Dallas who expressed dissatisfaction with the jury's verdict.

"Not only are we representing, we are here peacefully," proclaimed demonstrator Shelia Larry.

Allen said the hundreds who showed up did so "Not just for [Trayvon], but for all other African-American men."

Those in attendance said they want to see change in the justice system, in society, and among individuals.

"There are numerous times when we allow the stereotypes portrayed to us by others affect our behaviors, how we live and treat each other in our daily lives, said one speaker at the podium.

In addition to the gathering in Dallas, a handful of people demonstrated in Fort Worth.

Groups large and small came together in about 100 other U.S. cities on Saturday.

As people rallied coast-to-coast, Trayvon Martin's parents made appearances in New York and Florida.

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