FORT WORTH Shards of broken glass were scattered below a window where Colette Cline saw a terrified young woman screaming for help and hanging on for dear life early Sunday morning.

He was trying to push her out the window.... literally push her out the window, Cline said Sunday afternoon.

Cline rushed inside her apartment and called 911.

Minutes later, three Fort Worth police officers arrived at the Hills Apartments near Loop 820 and Camp Bowie Boulevard.

They banged on the door, and then they kicked it, and they went in, said Teresa Martinez, who was out walking her dog in front of the building just before 7:30 a.m. It wasn't a minute or two and I heard gunshots four of them and then the police came out and was calling for help, for the paramedics.

Once inside, police said they walked in on a terrifying scene.

Officers saw a man stabbing the same woman Cline had seen hanging out the window.

To stop the attack, they shot the man. He died later at a hospital.

The woman, who had been stabbed several times, was also rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

Colette Cline said they were a couple who often had loud arguments so loud, she reached out to the woman.

I'm a victim of domestic violence myself, and I know what it's like, Cline said. I offered her some help, but she didn't take it.

Cline said she had feared the raised voices would someday escalate to violence.

It's just that with people like that ... if you are in a domestic relationship at all and you're being beaten or abused, get out or get counseling, she said.

The shooting is under investigation by the department's major case unit. Police have not released the name of the victim or the deceased suspect.


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