McKINNEY Lauren Green, a McKinney High School senior, is suing the school district over its refusal to let her walk the stage at graduation.

In her lawsuit, she says the school did not give her the opportunity to defend herself, as school rules allow. However, the student reaction we re hearing is mostly that Green should accept her punishment.

Everybody knew the rules, said Torrye Carbonetto, also a senior at McKinney High.

I do think if you do something that s wrong - you break the rules - you should be punished for it, said fellow senior, Spencer Castleman.

Green is one of 13 kids punished by the district for the alleged drinking incident.

School rules call for a punishment of 30 days of disciplinary alternative school, which would force Green to miss graduation. But her story has also drawn the attention of other McKinney families who believe the district does not follow its own rules when it comes to punishing students.

Scott Horvath said his son, Jason, was banned for a year of varsity soccer at McKinney High after sharing a topless picture sent to him by a female student.

She trusted you. She sent you this picture, the father said. How, Jason, could you break the trust that she had in you?

In Horvath s reading, the code of conduct called for a punishment of confiscating his son s phone, which he realizes is clearly inadequate. But he felt the year-long ban was an arbitrary punishment.

Scott Horvath said he spent $7,000 in attorney fees in losing effort to fight the district s ruling.

What did he learn?

By the time you go through this whole thing, it s not worth it, he said. You re not going to win anyways. And because of the timeframe that s involved, it just doesn t make sense to fight it.

The school district doesn't comment on discipline issues, and Lauren Green s family declined to comment for this story.

There is a hearing on Friday, which is before graduation, so a judge can address Green s claims.


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