A Weatherford jury must decide whether a man who admits abducting then raping and torturing a former neighbor is guilty of aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault.

He says he's not guilty, but I'm not worried about that case.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Twelve good people in Parker County sit in just judgment of his guilt or innocence. I have no doubt they'll weigh all the evidence, come to a just conclusion.

What most concerns me are the other people, most likely women, who may be out there, right now. Within the sound of my voice, but held captive and abused everyday. Their treatment goes undiscovered.

Again and again this seems to be going on.

Grownups who think the rest of us only exist for their pleasure, divorce cases ending with a parent killing or trying to kill their own children, parents who upon discovering some disagreeable action by their child murders them, thinking that to be their right.

I'll leave the Maxwell case to the jury. The evidence seems sufficient to render a decision one way or the other.

But let me say to all those who suspect some undiscovered case of abuse going on right now somewhere: Sometimes silence is not an option.

Yes, there may be a reasonable explanation for the suspicious behavior you have seen, and if you report it you'll be considered a busybody.

Then again, your gut may be right. In which case, you might be saving a life.

As uncomfortable as it may be, we should all do our part to end this insane idea among some, that we can do with others anything we want.

Silence is not option.

Those are my thoughts, tell me yours at

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