DALLAS -- It was a triple murder that shocked a North Texas neighborhood. An ex-boyfriend walks into a DeSoto home and starts shooting.

Autumn Carey, her dad, Gerald Malone, and family friend Adrian Jesse all died the day after Thanksgiving.

It was time for closure and to honor two of the fallen at the Inspiring Body of Christ Church in Dallas. Service was held at for father and daughter, Carey and Malone, on Wednesday.

We praise God for their lives, said Carey's grandmother, Maggie. They were a blessing. We will miss them, but they were truly a blessing in our lives.

Along with the remembrance, and sadness, comes anger.

Where was God when this happened? said Pastor Ricky Rush. Answer: In the same place that he was when his son died.

Carey leaves behind two children, her mom and grandma, who shared her thoughts today.

Everyone who had seen her, loved her, Maggie said.

As for Gerald, his family said he was a father who worked so hard, he barley slept.

But I think right now if Gerald is looking down on his service, said Pastor Rush. If his spirit is with us now, I don't think it would hurt any of us to get on our feet and give this dad a standing ovation.

And so the crowd rose to its feet, in a final salute to lives lost too soon.

The funeral for the third victim, Adrian Jesse, is set for Friday.

The suspect, Almonzo Henderson, shot himself in the head after taking those lives. He was in serious condition for a few days, but has since passed.


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