CEDAR HILL The same storm that damaged property in Dallas Sunday evening also damaged homes and barns along Duncanville Road in Cedar Hill.

No one was hurt, but the high winds and rain left Julie Marquess with a shell of what she once had.

It was awful, she said. It was the scariest thing I've been through in my life.

Marquess can now see the sky from inside her large barn. It took just seconds for the powerful winds and rain to destroy what she's worked for her entire life.

Marquess lives above the barn, where she boards 22 horses. I closed that door first which is no longer there then I came to shut this door over here, she explained. I went around this corner and that section of the roof came off and then this section of the roof came out.

With daylight came the realization that her barn will have to be rebuilt.

Most of the roof is completely off, except for a few places, Marquess said. Most of its gone, and our roof is laying several blocks down the road too, so it was pretty intense.

Pieces of her life are now strewn across the neighborhood.

We lost trees and wrapped tin around pipe fences like they were twist ties, she recalled. The noise was incredible.

Nearby, James Pierce took cover quickly in a place you wouldn't think he'd even fit into.

I went underneath the bed, he said. They say you can do a lot of things when you are scared.

Pierce is fine, but his home had extensive wind and water damage.

Grateful to come out of the storm unhurt, residents are already working to rebuild.

I'm done crying for a little while, Marquess said. Now I just have to work on putting it back.

Officials said about two dozen homes or barns suffered some sort of damage in Cedar Hill.


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