GARLAND - The cries came from the cracked earth.

His head's the only thing sticking out, said Justin Craft, Garland Animal Services officer.

The victim, a four-week-old puppy, disappeared in Fredericka Simon's backyard Thursday morning.

That's when I got on my knees, she said, I started listening. I said, 'That sounds like a baby!' That has to be him.

The little guy somehow slipped almost three feet down into a narrow crack.

The crack was about 3 to 4 inches wide, said Diego Villalpando, Garland Animal Services officer.

I was crying because that's a baby puppy, Simon said. He can't defend himself.

Fredericka said she panicked and called 911.

I was so hysterical, she remembered. I was like: 'Please! It's a baby puppy. He's in the hole.' They were like, 'Calm down, calm down.' I said, 'My son's crying. It's his puppy.'

I thought it was going to die at first, said Ketrick Sanders, Simon's son.

Garland Animal Services sent three officers to the scene, including Edward Suarez.

You could barely see the head of the dog, he said. That was it.

We're going to try to loosen up the dirt with some water just a little bit to kind of make it muddy, Craft said to his fellow officers, as they attempted the rescue. Hopefully he'll slide out.

It worked.

Craft popped up holding the puppy moments later.

We were just like 'Yes!,' Simon said. I was crying. And looking at the animal control guy, I could tell he wanted to cry a little bit.

It took 20 minutes to free the dog from the drought.

He emerged with dirty fur and still crying, but a veterinarian said he was unhurt.


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