DALLAS - A Dallas County deputy constable has been cleared of any wrongdoing for not pursing a kidnapping suspect last month.

The female deputy, whose name is not being released, was under investigation to see if she broke policy by not chasing Naim Muhammad, a suspect who is accused of abducting his sons, then later drowning them.

The children's mother frantically approached the deputy on the street on the morning of Aug. 22, saying her two young sons had been kidnapped and were in danger.

Precinct One Constable Derek Evans asked the Dallas County Sheriff's Department to investigate her response.

He told News 8 his deputy has been cleared in the case, but he would not release the report, nor would he discuss the details of it.

The Dallas County Constables Association said the deputy did not pursue the suspect because Precinct One has a strict no chase policy, plus the deputy's vehicle did not have emergency sirens or lights on it.

This is an example of what happens when you can not communicate and when you have less adequately trained officers on the street, said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

Jenkins disagreed with the findings and the strict chase policy that Precinct One has regarding pursuits.

He said other county law enforcement agencies, like the sheriff's department, have less restrictive policies that would have allowed them to try and catch a suspect in that situation.

When a bloodied woman comes up to an officer and says, 'My children are going to be killed,' I expect that officer to do everything humanly possible to help that woman and to the extent that there is a policy in Dallas County that is different than that, that is unacceptably a bad policy, Jenkins said.

The county judge said commissioners can not control policies made by other elected officials in the county.

Evans has turned down multiple requests to talk about his chase policy and the actions of his officer.

The deputy remains on leave.

Friends tell News 8 she is still very distraught over how the incident ended.


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