In order to land the Super Bowl, North Texas officials had to promise the NFL that streets would be clean and safe in case of a weather emergency.

Now it's time to keep that promise.

Because of the Super Bowl and additional traffic caused by the event, the Texas Department of Transportation will not only have local crews on the streets, but also help from four other districts in the state from far West Texas to Brownwood.

The department already had 310 vehicles in place; an additional 82 workers will bring 43 more trucks.

Officials said crews will hit the streets at midnight Monday to pre-treat highways with ice-melting chemicals. They caution, however, that heavy rains preceding the cold front will reduce the effectiveness of the solution.

State and local officials said routes traveled by the teams and visiting media will receive extra attention if necessary. But they add that nothing is being done that would take away from treatment of other roads in the region.


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