FORT WORTH -- Tim Campbell has an unusual and inspirational story. His friends and family will have to tell it.

Fort Worth police were still searching Friday for the hit-and-run SUV driver who killed the 59-year-old Thursday morning. He was riding his small scooter with hazard lights blinking on I-35W in North Fort Worth.

'It's a redemption story,' said Campbell's Sunday school teacher Bob Kline. 'If you knew Tim, you would love him.'

Kline teaches at Wedgwood Baptist Church, where Campbell brought his friends from Union Gospel Mission. Kline said Campbell was on the way up, not down.

He was in a residential program.

'Lost his job and lost his house. And then he was homeless,' Kline said. 'We didn't see him for a few years.'

From a career at an airline, to a masters degree from seminary, Tim Campbell rose until he lost it all, including his marriage. The currents of addiction that pull many under pulled Campbell until he resurfaced about a year-and-a-half ago.

'We just celebrated every victory with him,' Kline said. 'It was just so cool to see Tim on his way back.'

Three months ago, Campbell took a job washing dishes at Colonial Country Club. He was proud to hold a steady job again.

Employees say before he got his scooter, Campbell would ride his bike from the mission to the country club. He bridged both worlds with his faith.

'He could not share his blessings with others enough,' said Mike Barber, another Sunday school classmate who knew Campbell for more than 20 years. 'He has a testimony to share, because he's been tested.'

Barber said his friend would be the first to forgive the driver who hit him.

Campbell's ex-wife and two grown children told News 8 in a written statement, 'We are at peace knowing that God's grace is bigger than our loss, and extend love and forgiveness to the driver responsible for this tragedy.'

'From a spiritual point of view, Tim was at the top,' Bob Kline said.

His friends don't know where Tim Campbell was headed when he was killed before dawn Thursday morning. But they do believe that on the most important journey, he was on his way back.

His family says Tim Campbell's memorial service is set for 10:00 a.m. Monday at Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth.

He was indigent. A fund to defray costs has been established in his name at Educational Employees Credit Union.


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