IRVING Cowboys defensive lineman Zach Minter is still working on making a name for himself, but he's already got a nickname thanks to head coach Jason Garrett.

'You remember Flounder from 'Animal House'?' Garrett asked the media at his press gathering Tuesday. 'He's got a little bit of the Flounder look to him.'

At first, Minter didn't have a clue because he's never seen the late 70s comedy classic.

'No, but I looked him up,' Minter said. 'I thought that was kinda funny.'

The resemblance is undeniable... but that's where the comparisons end.

'He didn't have a Flounder look to him when the ball was snapped,' Garrett said, speaking about Minter's performance in the second preseason game against the Ravens on Saturday. 'He really showed up. He impacted the game.'

Four tackles (two for a loss), a couple of sacks and a forced fumble against Baltimore's backups gave Minter undrafted out of Montana State last year a shot to stick around.

'Players were coming up to me literally hitting me saying, 'Don't take 79 out,' and they didn't even know who the hell he was,' Garrett said.

Minter doesn't even know his way around the team's Valley Ranch headquarters. He still hasn't been here for a week. And as he tries to pull off the improbable and make this roster, there is precedent all he has to do is consider the story of one of his defensive line mates.

Geoge Selvie made an immediate impact when he took the field last pre-season. He knows what it takes to come out of nowhere and win a job.

'Don't let up. Keep working,' Selvie advised. 'You worked hard to get where you're at the position you're in just keep it going.'

It's a blueprint for success... but now it's up to Zach Minter to prove he can do it against better competition.

'I'm trying to say out here,' he said. 'I'm trying to find a spot on the team. I'm trying to help our team and our defense win.'

It's a defense that can use help from all comers.


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