AUSTIN -- Moments after a Travis County Grand Jury returned the two felony indictments against Gov. Rick Perry Friday evening, WFAA's sister station KVUE spoke to the man who started the entire process.

Craig McDonald, the founder of Texans for Public Justice, filed the original complaints against Gov. Perry for abuse of office in 2013.

McDonald told KVUE he is pleased the jury returned felony charges in lieu of misdemeanor charges, and now he believes Gov. Perry should step down from office.

'We think any governor, particularly Rick Perry, should consider stepping aside. Any governor under indictment for multiple felonies should step down,' said McDonald.

'The grand jury decided that the governor went way beyond trying to bully the Travis County DA: He crossed the line into law breaking.'

However, McDonald said he does not believe Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, who Gov. Perry is accused of withholding money from, should step down.

'She served her time. She was prosecuted for her time, and she did her time. She again then was under prosecution from the county to see if she should give up her job, that judge decided she should not.'

He says Perry was within his right to try and withhold funds for the Travis County District Attorney's Office. 'The governor has the authority to veto any part of the state budget,' said McDonald.

However, McDonald believes it was the way the governor allegedly went about it that crossed the line.

'The governor crossed the line when he coerced the DA, threatened the DA, tried to take her budget away, because she wouldn't do an action he wanted done.'

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