CORINTH Developers for the gas station chain Buc-ee's are one step closer to breaking ground in Denton County.

The City of Corinth Economic Development Corporation agreed Monday night to give Buc-ee's a tax break to bring the king-size convenience store to town.

'It's not really a big grant; the grant is based on how they perform,' said EDC executive director Guy Brown. 'What they have requested is a percentage of the sales tax that they generate back for a period of time.'

While the city is still putting a package together, Brown said Buc-ee's is asking for a one percent sales tax rebate over 15 years.

During Monday's meeting, the city also signed off on a $250,000 project to create a 'Texas Turnaround' at the same exit where Buc-ee's is expected to open.

The company, based in Lake Jackson, Texas, hopes to develop a 20-acre lot off Interstate 35E in Corinth. Plans call for 600 parking spots and 96 gas pumps.

It's a move to entice a company that some residents like Laurie Horridge are trying to keep out.

'All we're going to be smelling is diesel fuel and gas and smog,' Horridge said. 'It's going to pretty much lower the value of our property.'

She is one of many in the neighborhood trying to block the 60,000-square-foot store, which they call excessive.

But city leaders said they feel support for the development is there, and they see the economic boost outweighing any of the citizen concerns.

'People are just interested in the project,' Brown said. 'It has a huge following around the South Texas [and] Houston area. This is one of the first ones in North Texas.'

Terrell will boast the Dallas-Fort Worth area's first Buc-ee's when it opens later this year.

The Corinth City Council will have the final say on the project when it is put to vote later this month.

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