DALLAS John Wiley Price took took his seat Tuesday at the Commissioners Court just like he has for the past 30 years.

It was business as usual for the commissioner, who had a lot to say about several agenda items, but nothing to say about his federal corruption charges.

It was a packed meeting and a lot of eyes were on Commissioner Price. The long-time Democratic commissioner was arrested in late July. He's accused of fraud charges adding up to nearly a million dollars.

Three of his associates who were also indicted all say they're innocent.

During public comment at Tuesday's meeting, many people came to Price's defense, but not everyone.

Wade Emmert, Dallas County's Republican party chairman, has called on Price to step down. Emmert says if he won't, the commissioners should take action themselves.

'The allegations against Mr. Price are very serious,' he said. 'I think the Commissioners Court needs to respond seriously and request he take a leave of absence while the trial unravels and the investigation continues.'

Price will soon have a chance to make his case in court. A trial date of Sept. 29 has been set, but that is expected to be postponed.

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