DENTON -- A jail officer at the Denton Police Department is on administrative leave following an incident that left an intoxicated inmate severely injured.

After the late night bar scene at UNT lets out, 38-year-old Jason Bishop is frequently found panhandling for change on Fry Street. Denton police sat that's what he was doing early morning Saturday when he was arrested for public intoxication and hauled off to jail.

'I know that I was mistreated because, y'know, it's not fair to just try to run somebody off and then beat them up,' Bishop said.

Bishop said Denton Police Jailer Darius Porter slammed him to the ground, face first. Bishop said he was not handcuffed at the time.

Pictures taken just after the incident show the traumatic cuts and swelling of Bishop's injuries, including a broken nose. Bishop said just before he was thrown to the ground he had refused to sign the jailer's paperwork.

'Well, apparently, some people say they heard I was being uncooperative,' he said, 'but I was just telling them that I didn't have to sign that crap, because I have been advised in different situation that if I didn't want to sign anything, I didn't have to.'

At this point you might be questioning Bishop's credibility, as he says he's been arrested so many times in his life, he can't count them all.

But Denton police breathed credibility into Bishop's story by opening an internal investigation on Monday morning against the jailer, who is on administrative leave pending the outcome.

Police say the entire incident was caught on tape.

'Obviously, [the video] set the whole stage for the investigation. Obviously, there was something on it,' said Ryan Grelle, public information officer for the Denton Police Department.

Police say they opened the investigation on their own. Bishop hopes when it's over, there are changes at the jail.

'He doesn't really need to have a job over here at the city P.D.,' Bishop said.

The police say it could take up to two weeks to complete their investigation, at which point they will release the jail video.


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