FORT WORTH A proposed zoning change around Texas Christian University could have a big impact on students living off campus.

The change would essentially change occupancy limits for A-1 zoned homes to allow only three unrelated persons in each household. Right now, the current limit is five in most neighborhoods surrounding the popular college.

'It's a mixed bag,' said Paula Traynham. 'It's a lot of things to a lot of people.'

She is the president of the Frisco Heights Neighborhood Association, which has a couple of residential streets that could be impacted by the zoning change.

Traynham said although she's long enjoyed living in a lively neighborhood near TCU, it might be time for a stricter look at just how many students can live together.

'All of a sudden, we've seen a lot more parties, etc., then we had in the past,' she said.

Councilman Zim Zimmerman, who represents a large part of the area in question, said he started receiving more complaints about a year ago.

'We're trying to find a happy medium -- not go extreme one way or not move at all,' he said.

But many students who live around campus, like Lillian Shaver, think the proposal is a solution to a problem that really doesn't exist.

'This is a college area,' she said.

Shaver will spend her junior year living in a house with four roommates. The home would be impacted by any zoning change.

'I never really considered it to be a 'stealth dorm,'' she said.

The city council should get a first look at a proposal next month. It wouldn't impact areas zoned for duplex-style housing.


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