Protesters in Waco offered support for undocumented immigrants on Saturday.

Activists and demonstrators from across Texas gathered to protest the immigrants who are being held in a local detention center.

People from Dallas, Austin and Waco held up signs and demanded better conditions for about 250 immigrants in the Waco facility. Activists said the men being held at the detention center are from El Salvador and are waiting to be deported.

The protesters don't believe they should be housed in a criminal detention center.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is firing directly at President Obama over the border crisis. Speaking Friday at the University of Houston-Victoria, Cruz blamed what he called the president's 'lawlessness.'

He also decried a 2008 law passed under President Bush that slowed down the process to deport children entering the U.S. from Central American.

'For unaccompanied children coming from Mexico or Canada, we have an immediate expedited removal to return them to their family,' the senator said. 'This 2008 law, unfortunately, set up a slow bureaucratic process for unaccompanied children coming from countries that are not Mexico and Canada. That's was a mistake; that's a fix we need to do.'

Cruz went on to blame the surge in illegal immigration on a false belief that young people can gain amnesty in the U.S.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins is in New Orleans talking about the border crisis. Jenkins spoke to News 8 earlier this week about plans to bring 2,000 unaccompanied children to temporary shelters in Dallas County.

This weekend, he's outlining his shelter plan at a convention of county leaders from across the United States.

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