ARLINGTON-- A federal judge said he'll soon issue a decision in the case of open carry gun advocates against the City of Arlington.

The case involves whether open carry advocates, or any other pedestrians, can interact with motorists at busy intersections.

An organizer with OpenCarryTarrant County, Kory Watkins, sued the city, and says he wants a federal judge to issue a restraining order against Arlington while the lawsuit goes forward.

Watkins says the city is violating his First Amendment rights to tell citizens about their Second Amendment rights.

Armed, open carry advocates have been handing out literature on the streets of Arlington and elsewhere. But Arlington recently amended an ordinance forbidding anyone from doing that at the busiest streets and intersections -- except for certain charity collections. That includes interacting from sidewalks.

The city pointed out it might make some motorists uncomfortable to be approached by a person with a loaded AK-47. The judge pointed out that the constitution protects uncomfortable speech.

Watkins' attorney says the City showed that it's focused on guns and not on traffic safety.

Arlington says this is purely about pedestrians interacting with traffic at busy places -- a matter of public safety.


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