ALLEN It was down to two schools as the time approached for Allen's Kyler Murray to announce where he will play in college.

'In the end, I didn't know at 2:45 what he was going to say,' said Murray's head coach at Allen, Tom Westerberg. 'I found out when everybody else did.'

Murray had narrowed his choices to Oregon and Texas A&M, and the best high school quarterback in Texas decided to play where the best college quarterback just left Texas A&M.

It's where Westerberg went to school; where his dad, Kevin Murray played; and it's where Johnny Manziel played.

'Johnny, he paved the way for all the kids going to A&M now,' Kyler Murray said. 'He made A&M back to what A&M used to be.'

Murray still has one more year at Allen, where he will try to lead the Eagles to their third consecutive state title. And he'll do it without having to deal with the recruiting process that demands a lot of time from athletes like him.

'You've gotta kind of do it pretty early, because guys start going after other people,' Westerberg said. 'If he were to have waited, it would have been a little tougher.'

Even with Johnny Manziel's departure, Texas A&M is loaded with good young quarterbacks. So we asked Kyler Murray's dad if he's the type of player who can sit and wait his turn.

'I don't think waiting is in his repertoire or his mindset,' Kevin Murray said. 'I don't think waiting or sitting is part of his demeanor.'

The way he has played and won at the highest level of high school football, it's hard to imagine Kyler Murray ever sitting.


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