DALLAS He thought for sure the two robbers were going to kill him.

One put a gun to his head and the other held a machete to his back.

'I thought I was already dead,' said the victim, who didn't want to be identified because he fears retaliation from the robbers.

He's one of four victims in a string of robberies involving machetes that started May 12. The latest attack occurred Saturday.

In each holdup, the robbers use a gun and a machete. They take the victims' wallets and cell phones.

Dallas police issued a crime alert about the robberies last week. So far, police haven't reported making any arrests.

The first robbery occurred May 12 at an apartment complex in the 1700 block of John West Road in northeast Dallas. With a gun in one hand and machete in the other, a robber accosted a man sitting in his car.

The next two robberies occurred last Tuesday across town in Oak Cliff. One of them involved the victim who spoke to News 8.

The victim says he was waiting at a bus stop across from Birdie Alexander Elementary in the 7600 block of Indian Ridge Trail. He says he was headed to work when he saw two suspicious looking men down the street.

'They walked right up behind me with the gun and the machete,' he said. 'One had the knife up to my spine. The other one, he had the gun up to my head. He told me to give him my wallet and my phone or they were going to kill me.'

The victim says he did as they demanded.

'Once I complied and I gave them everything, they said, 'Well, you better not call the police or we're going to come back and kill you,'' he said. 'It was very scary. My heart was racing. I thought I was dead, but by the grace of God I was spared.'

About a half an hour later, the victims robbed a man as he checked his mail box in the 5100 block of Mark Trail Way. It was about two and half miles from the earlier robbery.

In that case, the two robbers shoved the victim to the ground and kicked him.

The latest robbery also occurred in the 1700 block of John West Road, not far from the site of the first robbery.

The victim who spoke to News 8 says the officers who responded to the robbery didn't seem very interested.

'They took the report and that was it,' he said. 'I could tell by their posture and the way they were acting that they weren't too interested.'

He says he hasn't spoken to a detective since the robbery.

The victims says he was unnerved by the incident.

'Last week, I wouldn't leave out until daylight and I have purchased a handgun,' he said. 'I purchased it for my own protection.'

He says he won't rest easy until they're behind bars.


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